Genesis GX Series Steel Shocks

The GXS0, GXS1, GXS2, and GSX3 are non-adjustable and adjustable series mono tube shock absorbers offering a new profile dyno curve to improve traction. It's unique double checked low speed valving design with completely independent rebound and compression adjustment increases traction in slick conditions.

The GXS0 is a steel mono-tube gas shock absorber.  It's available in 7" or 9" and any possible valving.  

The GXS1, GXS2, and GXS3 are steel mono-tube gas shock absorbers.  They're also available in 7" or 9" and any possible valving.  They include a built on gas reservoir that increases the volume of gas the shock will hold.  This lowers unwanted increase in rod pressure as the rod compresses.

GXS Series Features

  • The GXS3 has the largest true rebound and compression range of adjustments.
  • Completely independent rebound and compression adjustments.
  • Positive stainless steel no-drag scraper to keep any dirt and debris out.
  • The finest high quality, high viscosity index shock absorber oil.
  • Double checked low-speed valving design.
  • The GXS is completely rebuildable and revalvable.
  • Available with or without Schrader valve to comply with the rules.

GXS0 Xtreme Series Non-Adjustable Steel Shock, No Bulb
GXS1 Xtreme Series Non-Adjustable Steel Shock, with Bulb
GXS2 Xtreme Series Single Adjustable Steel Shock, with Bulb
GXS3 Xtreme Series Double Adjustable Shock, with Bulb