Shock Services

Martin Dynamics offers a full in-house overhaul service package for Genesis shocks.  The process includes performance inspection of the shock, followed by a rebuild procedure that brings it back to original tolerances.  All shocks will be dyno-test and matched to original manufacturer specifications to ensure consistency and quality control.  The overhaul service incudes repair and replacements, if necessary.

Custom revalve option is also available.

The overhaul process includes the following services:

  • Disassembly and inspection of shock
  • Rebuild of shock to original specifications
  • Replacement of rod bearing, rod seal, o-rings.
  • Refill with new shock oil.
  • Shock-dyno tested to verify performance.

Overhaul Pricing

  • Genesis G Series Non-Adjustable - $92.00
  • Genesis G Series Adjustable – $107.00
  • Genesis GX Series Non-Adjustable - $115.20
  • Genesis GX Series Adjustable - $140.20
  • Martin Dynamics Non-Adjustable - $126.20
  • Martin Dynamics Adjustable - $154.22

Shock Dyno

We utilize a Roehrig 2VS shock dyno to characterize your shocks performance.  This will ensure that your shock is fully functional and deliver superior performance.  We can test for the following.

  • Compression performance
  • Rebound performance
  • Seal drag testing
  • Sweep testing
  • Cavitation testing
  • Temperature sensitivity testing