The story behind the brand.

Martin Dynamics was founded by Bruce Hordusky Jr, a 2010 Mechanical Engineering graduate from the University of Kentucky, with motivation to provide an engineering based shock package for top performing race teams. Martin Dynamics is an elite tuning partner of Genesis Shocks. By working closely with Genesis Shocks co-founder Mike Lutz, Martin Dynamics strives to provide the industry with a premiere shock package with integrated engineering and testing support.

Your suspension system is critical to maximum performance.

Engineering and design motivate everything that we do. We have a deep passion for building quality racing components.  We use advanced testing systems, finest materials, and product designs to ensure quality of our products.

We provide engineering service to your race team.

Martin Dynamics was established to provide engineering resources to improve your race team. We provide shock and spring testing, data acquisition, and engineering consulting services. We can quickly prototype development products with in-house 3D modeling, 3D printing, and prototype machining centers.