Genesis Steel Shocks

The GS0, GS1, GS2, and GS3 are steel mono-tube, non-adjustable gas shocks.  Shocks are available in 7" and 9" lengths and any possible valving or split valving.

The GS series has a large built-on gas reservoir.  This increases the volume of gas within the shock, which lowers unwanted increase in rod pressure as the shock compresses.

GS Series Features

  • Large 48mm bore for maximum control.
  • Positive stainless steel no-drag scraper to keep any dirt and debris out.
  • Solid Carbo-Nitride alloy shaft.
  • Low friction Teflon lined self lubricating 1/2" bearing on both end.
  • The finest high quality, high viscosity index shock absorber oil.
  • Double checked low-speed valving design with +/- .00004 precision components.
  • The GS Series shock is completely rebuildable and revalvable.
  • Available with or without a Schrader valve to comply with rules.
  • Approved for competition with WISSOTA, IMCA, and DIRTcar.

GS0 Non-Adjustable Steel Shock, No Bulb
GS1 Non-Adjustable Steel Shock, with Bulb
GS2 Single Adjustable Steel Shock, with Bulb
GS3 Double Adjustable Shock, with Bulb