Genesis GX Series Aluminum Shocks

The GX1, GX2, and GX3 non-adjustable and adjustable series monotube shock absorbers offering a new profile dyno curve to improve traction and control.  This shock utilizes a double checked low speed valving design with independent rebound and compression adjustments that increases traction especially in slick conditions.

The GX1, GX2, and GX3 is a mono-tube, gas shock absorber, available in 5", 6", 7", 8", and 9" strokes, with any possible valving or split valving.  It has a fully anodized blue aluminum body with a large built on gas reservoir.

GX Series Features

  • Adjustable shocks have completely independent rebound and compression adjustment.
  • Large 48mm bore for maximum control.
  • Largest 75mm built on gas reservoir.
  • High strength 10 turns per inch external threads with adjusting nut locking grooves.
  • Replaceable positive stainless steel no-drag scraper to keep any dirt and debris out.
  • Unique proprietary WNF synthetic shock absorber fluid.
  • Propriety DGP design, keeping pressure low while supporting compression valve values.
  • Double checked low-speed valving design with +/-.000004 precision components.


GX1 - Xtreme Series Non-Adjustable Aluminum Shock with Bulb
GX2 - Xtreme Series Single Adjustable Aluminum Shock, with Bulb
GX3 - Xtreme Series Double Adjustable Aluminum Shock, with Bulb
GX4 - Xtreme Series Double Adjustable Aluminum Shock, with Canister
GX4B - Xtreme Series Base Valve Double Adjustable Aluminum Shock with Canister