Meet our Portland crew

Whether it's running, dancing, yoga, pilates, boxing, or trampolining - we all love moving, and believe that movement heals your soul. We are a dynamic crew of likeminded folks who care about the wellness of others in our community. We love partnering with other locals for events and collaborations, and are always open to new ideas. We focus on bringing people together in our space where everybody is always welcome.

Founder and Creator

Yoga has the power to heal. I love sharing my passion with my team and the community.


Sam Wilder


Outdoor activities are my favourite... even in -40 degree weather!


Natasha Ulrich

Community Manager

I love hosting events to bring the community together.

David Jones

Yoga Instructor

I love helping others and pushing them to do their best!


Gil Sadri

Pilates Instructor

Movement is everything. I love to share wellness tips and create playlists for my classes


Sylvia Chreptak

Operations Manager

Organization is my meditiation.

Charlie Watts

Boxing Instructor

Motiviation is key. We are all stronger than we think!


Nellie King

Editorial Director

I love creating beautiful visuals and collaborating with partnerships.


Sonja Coles